Meet Delroy
Kevin Cook

Meet Delroy

Delroy had smoked 15-20 cigarettes for 55 years and has now been Smokefree for 12 months.

I decided to quit smoking mainly for health reasons, as I suffer with COPD and Asbestosis. The cost of smoking was another reason to quit.

I used Champix to stop smoking which was an effective and easy way to quit after having numerous failed quit attempts. Having the help and support from Amel at Smokefree Liverpool had a big impact on my quit attempt.

The main benefits I have found since quitting smoking are…

·       My breathing has improved dramatically

·       My clothes and home smell much better

·       I have adopted a much healthier eating pattern

·       I have managed to put a bit of weight on and look a lot healthier

If you are serious about quitting, I highly recommend coming to see Smokefree Liverpool. Also, don’t be fearful or embarrassed about relapse as this can be part of the giving up process. I have felt embarrassed to come back in the past. However, I have been made to feel welcome which gave me the confidence to try again!