Support from Smoke Free Liverpool to help you quit cigarettes

Jamie Carragher

“If you pull on the shirt, you play to the final whistle. That’s the Liverpool way. You never give up – even in extra time. Last-ditch clearances make the difference. It’s the same whether you’re competing in the Champions League or if you want to kick ciggies. Never give up giving up. Doing something big – for the sake of your health, your family or your finances – you’ve got to bring passion and motivation into play. Am I saying it’s easy to kick ciggies? Never. The Kaiser was a smoker, so I know how hard it is to give up smoking. But if you get the SmokeFreeLiverpool team behind, you’ll never walk alone.”

Bootle boy Jamie Carragher is one of the greatest footballers Merseyside ever produced. Liverpool’s Player of the Year in the season the club won the Champions League, Carragher was renowned as a powerful and positionally astute centre half. An amazing 737 appearances in red make Jamie Carragher a genuine local legend.