Kevin Cook


Kelly: I smoked 20 a day for 15 years and Peter smoked for 20+ years! I decided to quit due to health problems. I’m also infertile, but I finally caught a break in the clouds – my little ray of sunshine in the shape of IVF! Neither of us want to raise our potential children around bad habits. We want to be the best people we can before we start our journey 😊.
Having both tried and failed to quit going cold turkey in the past, we decided to attend the Smokefree Liverpool group in Speke Health Centre. Sarah has been a godsend and offered lots of support. We chose to quit with Champix and they have been great. If you are serious about quitting then we would recommend them 100%.
The main benefits we have found since quitting are…
• We both feel and look a lot healthier
• We both have more money
• Better skin, brighter eyes and shinier hair
• We are both a lot happier
If you want to quit, face your fears and take that step into the unknown. Grab every piece of support offered and plan how you are going to combat them cravings. Don’t look back and don’t give up!
If Kelly and Peter can Chuck the Ciggies, so can you!
Call our team of advisors on 0800 061 4212 or text ‘QUIT’ to 66777 to access FREE tailored support to help you go smoke free.